Project Misty

Project Misty was a huge success and the DVD and Blu-ray (as well as some other cool things!) are finally available for purchase by the general public!

Buy The Opening of Misty Beethoven Blu-Ray at Distribpix or Amazon
Buy The Opening of Misty Beethoven 2-Disc DVD Set at Distribpix or Amazon
Buy The Opening of Misty Beethoven Soundtrack CD at Distribpix or Amazon

Other awesome releases from Distribpix can be found in the Distribpix catalog or at the Distribpix storefront at Amazon!

While the funding campaign is over, you can watch the pitch video that started it all here:

435 Productions is the team behind the Distribpix Special Edition DVD of one of the greatest erotic films of all time, The Opening of Misty Beethoven. The beautifully restored high-definition transfer realized a Blu-ray release through the generous contributions of over 160 backers. Thank you to everyone who believed in us and backed our efforts to give Misty the release that it deserved!
-Steven, Ian, and the 435 Team

16 responses to “Project Misty

  1. This is a wonderful video pitch, really well done, sorry to hear your project was cancelled, I am not able to pledge above the $35 level, but I hope you guys make it to the end. The music that was used to score this film, is better than good, it is great! Good luck guys.

  2. Hey Steven,

    Sorry to hear the news regarding the Kickstarter campaign. It’s silly because
    I’ve seen a porno comic named Smut Peddler successfully get over $80,000
    in funding on Kickstarter.

    I pledged $50 to the campaign and I am super excited!!

  3. YOU GUYS MADE IT TO YOUR GOAL. What happens now? this is such an awesome idea and project, the treatment that you are giving this film, is pretty amazing. The new artwork and those Martini glasses, dam. It is great that people are really starting to rally behind this campaign, Long live Misty Beethoven, thanks guys, really excited for this.

  4. Just made my $65 pledge, and for the record, these are some of the nicest rewards I have ever see offered. And the new art is fantastic. I want that CD soundtrack!

  5. I’ve been waiting for a proper restoration of this film for years. And the fact that you’re offering the soundtrack (one of the best in film history — not just EROTIC film history, but ALL film history) is a dream-come-true. I’ve been collecting the individual tracks whenever I can track them down (very expensive and rare — mostly from library records like the great KPM collection), but to actually have them all on one CD — well, I think I’m coming.

  6. Yes we’ve made it! Can’t wait to kick back and watch this movie and drink from those fabulous Martini glasses! Now let’s start project Barbara Broadcast!

  7. I’m sorry I missed the opportunity to assist in this effort. I sure would have liked to participate, I guess in the end I’ll have the be satisfied with the end result, can’t wait for the release, sadly I’ll have to.
    If you have any options for buying shirts, glasses or other swag from the film, please let me know.

  8. It seems that the first pressing of the film has sold out. Will there be others? I am interested to buy a copy of the Bluray set, but don’t see a way to do this now. Any info would be appreciated!

    • Tyler,
      Yes of course there will be more, SO much more. Not only is the stock out completely, but we are re-authoring each of the Henry Paris films to make them even better, some minor programming, etc. It may be several months, before they are all back on the market, but it will be worth the wait, I promise. Thanks for your patience and interest and support. Continue to follow the blog for further information.

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